Who stomped on and killed a blackbird

Yukon, OK

Mar. 20, 2001

On March 20, 2001, Ruth Osment and her husband Chris went to eat a picnic at 5pm at a table at 3rd and Cedar Streets, Yukon, Oklahoma. Their attention was immediately diverted down Cedar to a man chasing a blackbird, which was flapping its wings frantically but couldn't get airborne. Just as the bird reached the edge of the road the young man stomped on it over and over again. Chris Osment stopped counting at 5 kicks and stomps.

The young man in question had come from the feed mill that occupies most of the block around 2nd and Main. The sign on the building states the name to be Coop Feed Animal Health.

At the front of the building the sign states MFG Farmers Co-op. When the Osments went to get pictures of the birds body they were informed by a women who lived a few houses down from the were the incident occurred, that not only had she witnessed the "stomping", but that this was not the only bird she had seen the workers chasing and killing that afternoon.


Chris and Ruth Osment