William Everhart

Cockfighting - roosters confiscated

Jacksonburg, OH

July 18, 2006

(Photo courtesy of WCOP TV 9)   William Everhart, 35, of Celestial Avenue in Jacksonburg, OH was charged with allowing animal fighting on Friday, July 18th, after he was pulled over by Middletown Police.  He was found to be in possession of five caged roosters and several items used for cockfighting.

Middletown Police stated that they confiscated the five roosters, two boxes of metal talons, several beak protectors, steroids, vitamins, a fight schedule and a T-shirt picturing two roosters that read ‘Death Before Dishonor’.

Everhart was booked into the Middletown City Jail for animal fighting which is a fourth-degree misdemeanor.

Update 7/29/06:

Police initially pulled Everhart over because they believed he was dealing drugs.  When they looked in the bac ofhis van they found the rooster.

Everhart when arrested was wearing a T-shirt that was also confiscated because it had 2 roosteron it and it said "Deaht Before Dishonor".

The birds, whose are estimated to be of value of up to $15,000 will be kept as evidence until the case goes to court.  It is believed they will be euthanized as you cannot put fighting animals on a farm and expect that everything will work out.


(One of the confiscated roosters and the box carriers they were in, Photos courtesy of WCOP TV9)


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