Wanda Pernell Merle Pernell

40 husky-mix dogs & pups seized, suffering from demodectic mange

Henderson, NC  Vance County

 August 11, 2006

Most of the charges result from an investigation in September 2005, when a Vance County Deputy noticed a number of dogs around 4680 and 4710 Glebe Road near Harris Crossroads and relayed that information to Hargrove.  The Animal Control chief said he went to 12320 N.C. 39 Highway North but was forbidden to go on the property by Wanda Pernell's father.  A warrant was then obtained to confiscate approximately 40 adult and puppy husky-mix dogs from the Pernell's both age 54.  Only one puppy out of the confiscated dogs was adopted and it died two weeks later. Approximately 95 percent of the mixed dogs suffered from demodectic mange, caused by mites.

One female dog with puppies was tied to the base of a basketball goal with no shelter. Some dogs were locked on a porch and other dogs were locked in an otherwise abandoned house with no way to get out.  Both houses were fully furnished, but the dogs and ripped much of the furniture to shreds.

‘The scent meets you in the driveway’ Hargrove said of the property. Hargrove added “there wasn't a clean spot in the house to remove those dogs’. The dogs were extremely frightened and were fed very cheap (canned) dog food. About 250 empty food cans were laying in the yard. After taking the dogs, the Pernell's requested Hargrove to let them take a female and two males back.  Hargrove authorized it, but ordered that the Pernell's must spay the female within 30 days and have both males neutered within 90 days.  The Pernell's signed a contract saying they would have the three dogs neutered and Hargrove has since found them to be in breach of contract.  According to Hargrove, the Pernell's' female dog has had another litter of puppies.

Each of the Pernell's were charged with 41 counts of animal cruelty. They were taken into custody Friday night, August 11th.


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