Who shot with pellets two kittens and killed other cats

Stoneham, MA

July 5, 1998

Thelma and Louise are a pair of calico kittens about 14 weeks old, who were brutally attacked and shot with pellets. Both kittens suffered broken bones and internal injuries and spent several weeks in intensive care at Woburn Animal Hospital. The hospital was gracious enough so wave its boarding fees to care for the two kittens. The other expenses where shared by the MSPCA and PAWS of Wakefield.

The MSPCA also offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect(s). A couple of other cats were also found shot dead in the neighborhood of Pond Street in Stoneham.

The two kittens have been adopted by the Myers family and will live with 3 other adopted cats.

If anyone has any information regarding this cruelty case, they should contact the MSPCA law enforcement division and PAWS of Wakefield, MA


The Woburn Daily Times Chronicle

The MSPCA Law Enforcement Division