Troy Tagtmeyer 41 dogs found dead at Neco Kennels Texarkana, AR Miller County April 29, 2008

Authorities found 41 dead dogs at the Neco Kennels owned by Tagtmeyer, a varsity boy's basketball coach in Kit Carson County.

  (Photo of Neco Kennels, courtesy of KUSA 9 News)   Neco Kennels, located at County Road 31 north of Stratton is a breeding operations.

       (Photos of St. Bernard that died, courtesy of KUSA 9 News)    6 surviving dogs were seized, all in poor health.  One of the dogs, a St. Bernard, has since died.

The Dept. of Agriculture visited the property and collected evidence including bones from the carcasses of several breeds of dogs.

The Colorado Dept. of Agriculture had told Tagtmeyer to shut down his operations in February, 2008.  Tagtmeyer was issued an cease and desist order.  The animals did not appear to be in imminent danger then and the DOA offered to assist Tagtmeyer in placing the dogs.

  (Photo courtesy of KUSA 9 News)   Tagtmeyer is being held in the Kit Carson County Jail awaiting arraignment.  His bond has not been set.

Stratton Schools Superintendent Eric Moser, stated that Tagtmeyer has been relieved of his coaching duties.  The decision to remove Tagtmeyer is unrelated to the kennel raid and that the school was looking to take the team in a different direction.

  (Photo of county animal shelter, courtesy of KUSA 9 News) The seized dogs were taken to the county animal shelter in Burlington.


KUSA 9 News