Unknown white male ~16-20 yrs old 5 ft 5 in to 5 ft 7 in tall, approx. 130 lbs.

Theft, Who walked into the Lawson's Veterinary Clinic, carrying a handgun and stole Ketamine

Hudson, NH

Nov 22, 1999

  This sketch is of a suspect in the break-in and theft of Ketamine at the Lawson's Veterinary Clinic on Lowell Rd. in Hudson, NH.

The suspect is between 16-20 years old, is 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 7 inches tall and weights approximately 130 lbs. The suspect was wearing a blue baseball cap, a blue long sleeved sweatshirt, tan khaki pants and white sneakers. The armed robbery happened around 4:45pm. The suspect fled without injuring any of the staff at the Clinic but got away with an undetermined amount of Ketamine. The narcotic also known as "special K" is a powerful hallucinogen and sometimes used as a date rape drug.

The robbery was the 3rd at Hudson veterinary clinics over the past several months. In September 1999, there was an attempted break-in at the Countryside Animal Hospital on Derry Road but nothing was taken. In May 1999, at the Acorn Acres Cats Clinic on James Way some ketamine was stolen.

Anyone who has any information about the robberies should contact Detective Michael Gosselin at the Hudson Police Department at 603-886-6011.


The Nashua Telegraph