Unknown Dog viciously attacked by 2 dogs Nipoma, CA July 22, 2006

On July 22nd, Carolina Cromer and her 7-year old Golden Retriever/Labrador-mix, Sparky, were attached by another dog in Nipomo Community Park while on a walk.  This incident has raised questions about the Ranger’s response and follow-up and has left Cromer on a hunt for the owners of the dog that attacked Sparky.

Cromer had Sparky on a leash when she suddenly heard people yelling for their dog to stop and heel.  A black dog charged Sparky, pinning him until what Cromer believes was a large black-and-white Pit Bull arrived and began attacking him.  Cromer stated that the Pit Bull was foaming at the mouth.  Sparky suffered a large bite wound to his lip and multiple wounds to his upper back and neck area, some of which had to be stapled shut.

After the attack, two Park Rangers arrived and spoke with her and the dogs’ owners, a man and two teenage boys.  Neither of the Rangers took the owners’ name or address and did not file an incident report.  According to Nipomo Community Park Supervising Ranger Mark Wagner, the Rangers asked the family to leave the park.  County Parks Manager, Pete Jenny stated that due to the size of the park and the areas they cover, it is not unheard of that a report would not be filed, but added a report should have been filed in Cromer’s case.  Wagner stated that dog attacks in the park are a rare occurrence.

   (Photo courtesy of Times Press Recorder)   That brings no comfort to Cromer who cannot hold the owners responsible for veterinarian bills because she doesn’t know who they are.  She has taken out advertisements in local newspapers offering a reward. 


Times Press Recorder