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Shantay N. Allen, 23

Left 2 Pitbulls to freeze to death

Edwardsville, IL

Madison County

February 10, 2004

Alton & Belleville

Demetrius Elliot, 23

Left 2 Pitbulls in another's care, both froze to death

Edwardsville, IL

Madison County

February 10, 2004


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2 pitbulls

Shantay N. Allen, 23 of Belleville, and formerly of Alton was charged in Madison County Circuit Court with animal cruelty.

Allen failed to care for the 2 dogs that were left out in the cold and discovered frozen in the back yard of the home at 2626 Yager Ave.

Prosecutors filed a Class 4 felony charge in the freezing deaths of the 2 pitbull terriers.

Alton Animal Control Officer James Greer discovered the dogs while responding to a call from a neighbor, saying he believed they had been dead about 4 days.

The neighbor reported that one of the dogs was lying in the cold outside in the back yard of the empty house.

ACO Greer discovered the dogs, chained to concrete blocks, lying dead and covered with ice.  The male dog had an uninsulated, plywood doghouse.  The red pitbull, a female, was lying dead inside a plastic doghouse, also without insulation.  Neither dog had food; the female had no water; and the water in the male dog's dish was frozen.  There was no evidence of dog food at the house or in the trash.

The dogs apparently belonged to Demetrius Elliott, 23, who formerly lived at the Yager St. address.  Allen and Elliott had a falling out and elliott had not lived at the home for several days.  Allen allegedly moved out and left the dogs for Elliott.

Allen was legally responsible for the dogs because she was the last one responsible for their care, authorities stated.


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