Sheila M. Jones and Barbara DeGraeve Hoarding - 200 cats and dogs Fontana, KS November 30, 2005

Authorities have found at least 200 dying, malnourished cats and dogs some from Tammy Hanson and EDNAH when executing a search warrant at the rural animal shelter.

Jones started the shelter in 2001 and DeGraeve were holding several hundred dogs and cats in extremely unsafe and unhealthy conditions.  Jones was running a humane society with a self-best owed title and without any official sanction to do so according to Attorney David Leffingwell of the Kansas Animal Health Department.  Her facility might have been able to handle 20 animals but certainly not 200.

Jones, a Paola resident, operated the Miami County Humane Society out of her dilapidated home.  Authorities believe that Jones took 15 dogs from the Hanson's.  Jones was given authorization from Baxter County District Judge Van Gearhart to take 37 dogs from the Hanson, as she claimed they had come from her shelter originally.  Jones returned 22 of them cited feeling threatened by the Hanson's as the reason for giving the dogs back.

Jones is believed to be a friend of the Hanson's and may be charged with aiding and abetting the Hanson's who are still at large after being convicted of animal cruelty in 2005.


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