Susan Baird Dragged her Chihuahua behind SUV Lafollette, TN Campbell County December 14, 2006

  (Photo courtesy of WVLT-TV)  Baird, age 31, is charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty for dragging her chihuahua named Bo-Bo behind her car from her residence to the Lafollette Middle School.  The 7 lb dog was tied to the bumper of the SUV and dragged nearly a mile.


(Photo's courtesy of Jerry Owens, WBIR)

Bo-Bo is being cared for at the Lafollette Veterinary Clinic.  He has sores all over his body, some of the areas have road rash so deep it goes down to the bone and tendons.  On December 15th the dog had intensive surgery to sew up the big open wounds and to re-attach his ears.

2 middle school teachers are paying for Bo-Bo's medical expenses which have already totaled over $1,000.  Any additional donations above the cost of Bo-Bo's care will go to the local animal shelter.

Bo-Bo will go to his foster home for the holiday's so he doesn't have to stay in the clinic.  Tyrine Hawthorne, President of the Small Breed Rescue Group of East TN is Bo-Bo's foster mom and will care for him over the holiday's.

Baird will be in court at 9am at the Campbell County Courthouse on December 29th, 2006.

A petition has been set up to go to the court to request that Bo-Bo not be returned to Baird.  If you would like to sign the petition click on the link below at

Update 12/29/06:

Baird's attorney entered a not guilty plea at this mornings court hearing.

(Photo courtesy of WVLT) Tyrine Hawthorne of Small Breed Rescue of East Tennessee who is fostering Bo-Bo until the court case is resolved, gave an update on his progress.  Bo-Bo is about 80% healed - his ears are still healing, requiring the bandages to be changed regularly and he is still on medications.  He has had another operation on his ears just this week as they are not staying attached.  He is still in pain but is happy .  Hawthorne also stated that Baird hasn't checked on her dog since the incident.

Sandi Harper of Knox County started the online petition to support Bo-bo - it has received 2,500 signatures from around the world.

Baird's trial is set to begin on February 20, 2007.


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