Stephen Barry King

Abused Dogs

Milwaukee, WI and Portland OR

August 1991 through April 1997


Cruel training methods

London, England

February 2000 through September 2002


Stephen Barry King (Pictures 1 & 2) Stephen Geoffrey King with dogs.

Stephen G. King, an Englishman lives in Essex, England is a dog trainer and should not be confused with Stephen Barry King formerly of Portland Oregon, who now lives in London, England. See cruelty case details below.

Multnomah County Animal Control was investigating allegations that King abused dogs. The Washington County District Attorney's Office also investigated a claim that King assaulted a Beaverton Woman who criticized his strong-arm training techniques.

King claims that in November 1996 he started receiving death threats so he now carries a loaded 40-caliber gun. The Clackamas Country Sheriff's office says King does not have a concealed-weapons permit and is breaking the law.

King blames his problems on overzealous animal advocates. However King's detractors cannot all be dismissed as rabid lunatics on the animal liberation fringe. They include people like a former assistant Kristin Beck, a Lake Grove veterinarian as well as some prominent public figures such as former Washington County Commissioner Lucille Warren, former US Attorney and internationally known animal trainer Brian Kilcommons, Multnomah County Animal Control, Washington County District Attorney's office and the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

In 1995 King became best known for his work with a Rottweiler mix named Pookie who animal control but on death row for biting a child who had been teasing him. ("Death Row Dog," Willamette Week, 10/25/95). King's evaluation helped spare Pookie's life. King stayed on at the shelter as a volunteer trainer.

King's current problems go back to the summer of 1991, when Janet Kyle Zeider signed her dog up for weekly group training sessions that King offered at the recommendation of her veterinarian. Zeider states that during the 4 sessions King became increasingly agitated and ended up attacking a Burmese Mountain dog puppy. The dog was screaming and King has both hands on the leash and was jerking the dog hard to the right and left and holding him up in the air. The dog was fighting for his life, biting at the choke chain, trying to get free, and Zeider states "she will never forget it".

 King became frustrated with Zeider's own Schnauzer, Izzi. The dog did not lie down fast enough upon being given Kings command so he took her leash away from Zeider, held it close to her collar, and smashed her face down on the concrete floor.

Kristin Beck states that King beat the Burmese Mountain dog puppy so badly that it shit all over himself and was bleeding all over the floor. Beck advised everyone that had his or her dogs at the training session to leave. King became furious and when Beck and King went outside he shoved her against a wall. Beck never returned to work for King.

Zeider battle to bring King to justice took several years. She first reported him to the Better Business Bureau, called the County Commissioner and animal control with little response. She then contacted the law firm of Turner and Frasch, who were working to curb abusive trainers. In June 1996 she placed an ad in "The Oregonian" asking for those with similar experiences with King to come forward. More than 30 people responded.

 Casey Blanchard had to give her Sheltie puppy Chelsea away after being traumatized by King’s training techniques.

  Darlene and Gary Dick, had a similar gruesome experience after receiving a recommendation by the PetSmart Vet Clinic in Tigard OR.  King was hired to train their then 4-month-old Golden Retriever in March 1996.

Kevin Kelly, The Washington Country Deputy District Attorney investigated a claim by Darlene and Gary Dick against King but did not bring charges against King. Kelly stated that the veterinarian who treated the Dick's dog Spencer wouldn't state that King caused the dog's injuries. Lawyer Turner stated that veterinarians often don't want to link injuries with abuse.

In Oregon numerous clients reported not only animal cruelty by King but human cruelty as well. Stephen Barry King has had several run-ins with Oregon authorities, mainly for domestic disputes with his ex-wives. King has been married 4 times. One incident reportedly ended when a SWAT team overpowered King after he threatened to shoot his assistant, his pregnant wife and her children.

Police records show that between 1989 and 1991, King had several run-ins with local police: complaints of menacing, a family disturbance, an altercation with a neighbor, a restraining order filed by his ex-wife and on April 9, 1991 a SWAT team surrounded King with guns and grabbed him for threatening to shoot his pregnant ex-wife Brenda Carruthers.

Brenda Carruthers (wife #2) was granted a restraining order against King when she told the court, "He has an anger problem and has slugged me in the arm, leg and pushed me into shelves, leaving scrapes all down my back. There have been numerous times of violence. He says he is going to kill me and my daughter on an average of 2-3 times a month. He said he would kill me before we would ever split up. He has also taken our 2 month old son out of my arms and made gestures like he was going to break his neck."  Brenda later withdrew the restraining order.

In 1999, King was charged with kidnapping, menacing and felony assault on his 3rd wife Kristi. Kristi told the police that King "has a real short temper and can change right before your eyes." When the police arrested King they observed, "several doors had been punched in on closets and rooms." This incident occurred when Kristi had already started divorce proceedings against King, although the charges against him were later dropped.

While still married to wife #3, King started an affair with Sarah, an English girl who fell for his smooth charm. Sarah met King via the Internet in 1999 and after corresponding with him for some time, agreed to meet King when she visited Oregon. During her visit they became lovers and Sarah started living with him. The relationship was stormy and they split up after living together for a few months at a time in both Oregon and London.

On January 1, 2000 Sarah was arrested and jailed for 14 hours in the Clackamas County Jail after King told the police that Sarah had assaulted him. When the police arrived they found King had a wound to his left forearm, he had a black right eye, a swollen left cheek and an injury to his left thigh. King had apparently been stabbed, claiming Sarah did it.

The next day around 4am King admitted to the police that he had lied about the whole incident and that he had stabbed himself. Sarah was released and King was arrested for making a false report. King was not prosecuted for this offense because Sarah left the country and would not testify.

In February 2000 King was in London and operating his dog training business. King charged £50.00 a lesson and £500 for 12 lesson asking that they be paid in cash with no receipt given.

In August 2002 King was fined £500 ($750.00 US) by Camberwell Magistrates Court when he was found guilty on the charges of causing unnecessary suffering and cruelly terrifying a German shepherd called Sugar,

King admitted to helicoptering Sugar 5 times although witnesses claimed 10 times. 

 The 2nd case was held on September 15-16, 2002 in Marylebone Magistrates Court, London, England. King was found guilty on the latest charges of dog abuse. He was sentenced to 8 years disqualification from dog training/ownership, 100 hours of community service and fined 2000 pounds equaling approximately $1450. At the time of his trials, King was listed as a US citizen living in London.

Marylebone Magistrates Court District Judge sentenced King for "cruelly treating and cruelly terrifying" a Bull Terrier. King was paid by Odette Hamilton to give the Bull Terrier, named Gunner a training lesson. While doing so Gunner was hung with his lead and lost consciousness. King then persuaded Hamilton to let him keep the dog for 2 weeks for further training. When the dog was returned, Gunner had cuts and scabs on his head. King claimed the injuries occurred when the dog fell down a flight of stairs. Hamilton stated to the judge that King said, "he is going to understand that when he feels pain he has to stop."

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has filed charges against Stephen Barry King for "inflicting unnecessary suffering caused by cruelly terrifying and cruelly treating animals.


Ooze, A British online animal rights magazine, ran an article detailing Stephen Barry Kings exploits with pictures from an undercover video in which King and his assistant Lotte Stagg employ a training method he calls "helicoptering". The video shows King yanking a dog off the ground by its lead and choke chain, and spins it from side to side until "its eyes pop out" and the chock chain breaks (circled). This is the same technique that earned Stephen Barry King his animal cruelty allegations in Portland, Oregon.

In January 2000, Kings, English girlfriend was falsely arrested and jailed for 14 hours after King told the police that she had stabbed and assaulted him. King finally admitted to the police that he had lied and that he stabbed himself in the arm and thigh. He was arrested for making a false report. Stephen Barry King was not prosecuted because Sarah left the country and was not available to testify.

By February 22, 2000, Stephen Barry King had moved to London, England and started threatening Sarah with obscene, threatening emails and messages on her answering machine had left death lilies on her car and stalking her. Sarah sold her house and moved out of the area.

In March 2000 Stephen Barry King was reported to the RSPCA for the mistreatment of an 11-month-old Bichon Frise named Mitch. The dog required veterinary care to the tune of £1500. Mitch's esophagus had been damaged and his tonsils had to be removed.

Update 10/15/02: King was today sentenced for animal cruelty at Marylebone Magistrates Court in London.  The sentence is as follows:

·        8 year disqualification from dog training/ownership

·        100 hours of community service

·        £2000 fine

Update 8/15/02: Stephen Barry King was found guilty in the Camberwell Green Magistrates' Court in London, England on August 14, 2002 of inflicting unnecessary suffering and of cruelly terrifying and cruelly treating animals. King was granted a reporting restraint until the second case is heard on 9/15.  Case No.3 is to be held in October.

Update:  4/1/02:  King is living in the UK and is operating as an animal trainer once again.  He even has a website to advertise it –

King had his first court hearing in the UK last week and sent his wife along with a sick note to excuse him.  Next week he has 2 court hearings – for 2 different dogs.  He has been charged with cruelly terrifying and cruelly treating 3 different dogs so he has a total of 6 charges against him.


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