Robert Tomlin case

Robert Lynn Tomlin

Man accused of torching 4 kittens

Smithfield, MD Washington County

July 2, 2006

A case of domestic abuse turned deadly for four kittens.

  (Photo courtesy of WHAG-TV) 22-year-old Robert Tomlin of Washington County allegedly assaulted his 19-year old girlfriend Kelli Green, at their home at 10917 Crystal Falls Drive on Sunday morning. Tomlin knocked Green down and kicked her in the head, causing her to temporarily lose hearing in her right ear.

The Washington County sheriff's office Investigators stated that Tomlin is also accused of throwing four kittens into a fire pit, killing the pets. After his arrest, Green stated her boyfriend belongs in an alcohol rehab center and not behind bars. She also stated “It wasn't him. He was intoxicated. Heavily intoxicated. I mean, I don't know. He loved the cats. He loves me. He wouldn't have done anything to hurt me intentionally."

Tomlin is being held at the Washington County detention center and faces charges of second-degree assault and animal mutilation. He is bail is set at $25,000.

Update August 10, 2006:

District Court Judge Thomas bound all charges against 22-year old Robert Tomlin to Circuit Court. Tomlin is accused of assaulting his girlfriend, 19-year old Kelli Green, knocking her down and kicking her several times in the head which caused her temporary hearing loss in her right ear. He then torched her kittens after allegedly throwing them into a fire pit. A Washington County Sheriff’s Officer presented pictures of one of the burned kittens during the hearing.

Tomlin faces second-degree assault, felony charges of animal mutilation and possession of a destructive device. The defense had asked for his bond to be reduced but Judge Thomas denied the request.

Washington County Assistant State’s Attorney stated that even though the defendant did not have any prior criminal convictions, based on the alleged charges against the defendant – ‘if they are true, they certainly raise a significant public safety issue’.

Tomlin’s trial date has not been scheduled yet.

Update November 15, 2006:

(Photo courtesy of NBC News - Tomlin on his way to jail)  Tomlin was found guilty of aggravated animal cruelty and sentenced to 18 months in jail by Washington County Circuit Judge John McDowell.  The sentence was suspended except for the 134 days Tomlin has already served.  He will also be on probation for 3 years and ordered to have no contact with animals as well as mental health and substance abuse evaluations.  Tomlin is also to have no contact with his former girlfriend Kelli Ann Green or her family.  In a plea bargain, charges of assault for striking Green and destruction of property were dropped.





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