Robert Griffin

Sick, dead dogs found at home of former prison official

Stateville, IL

August 1, 2006

Two State Investigators, a State Trooper and Joliet Township Animal Control Officers canvassed the home of Robert Griffin, Assistant Warden of Programs at Pontiac Correctional Center. They found two dead dogs and five ailing Pit Bulls in a filthy pen outside Griffins Crest Hill home.

State Animal Investigator, Bob Darrin, stated he received a complaint about animal abuse on the property. Joliet Township Animal Control also received a citizen complaint through County Animal Control. Animal Control alerted the State Police.

Five living but debilitated Pit Bulls were recovered from a chain link pen that stank of feces. A pail in the pen was filed with muddy brown water. Animal Control took custody of the living dogs. They were to be checked by a veterinarian before being impounded.

Animal Control Officers lifted an upside-down trash bin and found the burned remains of another Pit Bull. Another dog was heard barking in the house.

When reached on his cell phone, Griffin stated he was trying to place ten puppies recently born to his female Pit Bull. He stated he was a very responsible dog owner who happened to have 10 puppies at the same time. He further explained that the puppies turned on each other challenging each other, fighting and one puppy was killed. He denied any knowledge of the rotting dog carcass.

Griffin also stated that he feeds the dogs twice a day and that they have clean water. He maintained that they play in the water.


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