Ronald Elroy Works and 3 Un-named Juveniles

Animal abuse, torture, mutilation and decapitation of cats

Gladstone, OR

Sept. 15, 1995

On 9/14/95 some children found a white cat lying in a field with its front and back leg bound together with duct tape and the cat had been decapitated.

On 9/15/95 a women found a decapitated white cat with gray markings while walking her kids to the school bus. A brown bag was found near the cat to give every indication that the cat had been thrown from a car. The 2nd cat was found only 1/2 mile from the first one.

Mr. Works along with 3 juveniles confessed to killing the cats and tying them up with duct tape. He stated that he and the juveniles would drive around and pick up cats. After getting the cats in his truck, he would tape them up, then beat on them and shock them with a cattle prod. They would then take the cats somewhere isolated and cut the heads off with a "samurai sword", then either leaving them or dumping them somewhere else. In all 6 cats were taken and killed. One of the cats was dropped off an overpass over I-205 but was never found. One of the cats managed to survive, it had somehow made it home after being taped and beaten.

Mr. Works was charged with four counts of aggravated animal abuse and one count of theft in the 1st degree; all are class C felonies. He was held at the county jail on $350,000 bail and scheduled for trial on 11/9/95 in the Clackamas Country District Court. Mr. Works pleaded guilty to the involvement

The 3 juveniles involved were charged with multiple felony counts in juvenile court and were scheduled for a hearing on October 30, 1995.  Because they appeared in juvenile court o sentencing information is available.

Had it not been for two high school girls reporting what they heard from other classmates, these people may not have ever been caught.

Convicted on 12/26/95 on multiple counts of aggravated animal abuse and animal abuse for the torture, mutilation, and decapitation of several cats. Date of Birth 11/2/70.

Mr. Works was sentenced to 1 year in jail (with credit for time served), 5 years combined probation, compensatory fine of $200 for vet bills, he is responsible for all legal fees, he must undergo a mental health evaluation and drug/alcohol evaluation and treatment. He is required to complete his high school GED within one year of being released from prison, and he can have no contact with the victims or co-defendants during his probation period.


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