Robert & Maureen Jack

Small animals found suffering in heat

Austintown, OH

†August 7, 2006

On Monday, August 7th, three cats, a kitten and a dog were removed from a home at 140 N Edgehill Avenue after a mail carrier called police to report possible neglect.

Austintown Police stated that an officer found 2 cats and a kitten leashed to posts in the yard. They had no food or water available.† In the backyard, the officer found another cat and a dog in worse condition.† The dog, a medium-sized mixed breed, had feces matted in the hair of its hind legs.† The weather was humid with temperatures above 85 degrees.

The kittens was barely breathing and it was found twitching and covered with flies. Police called Animal Charity and they sent Humane Investigator Jason Osborne to the home. Osborne stated he would press charges at Mahoning County Court in Austintown against the animalís owners.

Two of the cats, the kitten and the dog were taken to Animal Charity.† Animal Charity Program Director, Jennifer Houser stated on Tuesday that she had no information on the third cat or where it was taken.† She also stated that a veterinarian checked the animals and that the kitten, who was only a few weeks old, looked bad.† Pending completion of the investigation, she was unable to provide any further information.

Update 11/14/06:

Robert & Maureen Jack were identified as the owners of the property where the animals were found .

The Jack's initially plead innocent in Mahoning County Court in August, 2006.

One of the kittens died, the dog, a female mixed breed, had her hair cut because it as matted and caked with feces.  She has been diagnosed with heartworm.

The charges against Robert Jack were reduced and dismissed against Maureen.  Robert plead guilty to disorderly conduct.  Maureen's charges were dismissed on grounds the humane officer who was involved in the investigation was not a certified humane agent.  It is unclear if the couple will get the animals back.  The animals are currently in the care of Animal Charity.