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Unknown cat shot 3 times, leg broken

Pinecrest, FL

Miami-Dade County

October 25, 2009  
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    1 Siamese cat Under Investigation  

Just four months ago, a serial cat killer terrorized Palmetto and Cutler Bay. Now, a cat in Pinecrest was found with wounds that left Veterinarian Edwin Derks saying the cat was one of the most shocking patients he's had in his 40-year career.

  (Photo courtesy of CBS)  "He had an entry point here, entry point here, and he had an entry point behind his thigh." said Derks as he pointed at an x-ray. "Somebody didn't like him or what he was doing." The x-rays are of a Siamese cat shot not once, but three times with a pellet gun. The cat's hind leg was snapped in two.

"Somebody threw something, kicked him, did something fairly hard to cause that trauma, to break the leg like that." Derks told CBS4's David Sutta.

Its amazing Frankie is alive. Betsy Fantis found her pet unable to walk. She thought he had fought with another cat. The x-rays told a different story. Someone intentionally hurt Frankie.

"I have to tell you, I was really shocked. I wasn't expecting that news at all. I was very angry. I called the Pinecrest Police." said Fantis.

The case is of interest to police because of what happened in Palmetto and Cutler Bay. A serial cat killer terrorized pet owners, mutilating 19 cats. Police charged 18-year-old Tyler Weinman, who is out on bond right now.

Fantis told CBS4." I don't know if it's related, but I do know it's completely wrong what happened."

Frankie, who still has the pellets inside of him, is expected to recover. Betsy though is warning pet owners in the area to be on the lookout. "I'm concerned about what happened to my pet could happen to someone else's pet."