Who, age What Where When Last Known Address
Peter Richardson, 64 neglect of a horse

Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England

June 2007  
Lucy Grimshaw, 38 neglect of a horse

Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England

June 2007  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date
    1 horse Convicted  

The RSPCA has revealed a father & daughter were convicted of animal cruelty charges in East Yorkshire last year for neglecting their horse.

It had hooves three times the healthy length and its teeth were so overgrown they had cut the mouth to ribbons.

Peter Richardson, 64, and his daughter Lucy Grimshaw, 38, both of Pinfold Lane, Bridlington, were banned from keeping horses for life as a result.

Grimshaw was fined £750 and ordered to pay £918 costs after admitting three charges of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Richardson, who pleaded guilty to two charges of the same offence, was fined £200 and ordered to pay £250 costs following the hearing last June.

Sophie Corless, RSPCA spokeswoman for East Yorkshire, said: “The animals highlighted are the helpless victims of our throwaway society.

“When their needs become too much for their owners, they are ignored, causing suffering and even death.

“The case of Lucy Grimshaw and Peter Richardson, of Bridlington, was particularly shocking.

“When we discovered their horse, Batch, he was thin, neglected and in a great deal of pain due to his various untreated ailments.

“Sadly, Batch had to be out to sleep, which is particularly distressing as his suffering could so easily have been prevented by immediate veterinary treatment.”


Hull Mail