Who, age What Where When Last known address
Paula Christine Papadopoulos (1), 44 9 greyhounds involved in a hauling-rig accident, 5 died

Iowa City, IA

Johnson County

July 21, 2007 Bellevue, IA
Mark Allen Junk (2), 43 9 greyhounds involved in a hauling-rig accident, 5 died

Iowa City, IA

Johnson County

July 21, 2007 Bellevue, IA
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date
  speeding and traffic violations 9 greyhounds

(1) cited

(2) Not charged


A greyhound hauling-rig accident on I-80 outside of Iowa City resulted in the death of five of the nine greyhounds that were being transported from an Oklahoma breeding farm to the Dubuque dog track. The rig rolled over 4 to 5 times and landed in a ditch, killing three of the dogs outright. The driver and a passenger were transported to the University of Iowa where they are in good condition.

A fourth greyhound was euthanized at the scene; a fifth was later euthanized at the Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails Veterinary Clinic. A sixth greyhound, and the only one that wasn’t ejected from the vehicle during the crash, is in stable condition at the same clinic. Of the three greyhounds that escaped from the vehicle, two are still running at large; one has been recovered. The two that remain at large are muzzled and defenseless.

“Greyhound hauling vehicles are notoriously dangerous and when something goes wrong, it’s disastrous for the dogs,” said Susan Netboy, President of the Greyhound Protection League (GPL), a national greyhound welfare organization.”

Netboy points out that there have been a series of tragic hauling incidents in recent years, and adds that these are just the ones that have been documented:

• On April 27, 2007, four greyhounds were killed in Gadsden, Alabama. Seven others that were ejected from the vehicle were never recovered.
• On January 11, 2007, dozens of greyhounds were injured and three killed, along with the driver who fell asleep near Davenport, Iowa.  Read casefile
• On January 14, 2007, greyhounds were let loose after a hauling accident on a Missouri highway.
• On September 14, 2005, fourteen greyhounds died, and others were injured, when they were trapped in a hauling rig that caught fire near Orlando, Florida.
• On June 20, 2005, eight greyhounds died from heat exhaustion in a cramped hauling vehicle in the New Mexico desert.
• On April 12, 2003, four greyhounds died, and ten were seriously burned in a vehicle fire near Bradenton, Florida.

“Greyhound racing dogs are continually on the road in all types of rundown hauling vehicles; yet regulation and safety inspection of hauling rigs is non-existent,” said Netboy. “The racing industry continues to dismiss the suffering and the loss of life as the cost of doing business. It’s high time that they get serious about protecting the lives of these animals that put millions of dollars in their pockets.”

Update 7/24/07:  Volunteers in Iowa County are on the lookout for a greyhound that escaped an accident that killed four dogs over the weekend.  "We need people to keep their eyes open," said Rinthea Satterlee, director of the animal rescue group Safe Haven of Iowa County.

The dog was one of three greyhounds that ran from the scene of the accident at the Little Amana interchange of Interstate 80. Satterlee, who arrived at the scene within minutes from the Safe Haven shelter about a mile away, said a truck carrying nine greyhounds went into the ditch and rolled four or five times.

Satterlee said two people were taken to University Hospitals in Iowa City. Neither the Iowa County Sheriff's Office nor the Iowa State Patrol had any record of the accident Monday.

Three greyhounds died in the crash, one was euthanized at the scene, and Satterlee transported two to Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital in Iowa City, where one was also euthanized.

Three dogs ran from the scene, triggering a search by about a dozen volunteers. Searchers found two dogs Sunday near the crash scene. The surviving dogs seem to be doing well despite some cuts and bruises, Satterlee said.

The dogs' owners, from Eastern Iowa, have asked not to be identified, Satterlee said.

Satterlee said nearby residents have spotted the last missing dog, a black brindle female wearing a blue muzzle.  "She's been going up to people with dogs, and they're scared of her," she said.

Volunteers have been leaving food and water for the dog in the area she was last seen, south of I-80 at the Little Amana exit.

Anyone spotting the missing greyhound is asked to call the Iowa County Sheriff's Office, 319-642-7307.

Update 7/25/07:  Paula Papadopoulos, 44, and Mark Junk, 43, both of Bellevue, were the two injured in a single-vehicle crash along Interstate 80 near Homestead, the Iowa County Sheriff's Office reported.

According to officials:  Around 7:45 a.m. Papadopoulos was driving a pickup hauling nine greyhounds in cages in the back eastbound when she lost control due to tiredness. The vehicle rolled into the south ditch.

Junk, the passenger, was ejected.  Both were taken to University Hospitals in Iowa City with non-life threatening injuries. Papadopoulos was released later that day.

One greyhound remains missing.

Papadopoulos was cited with failure to maintain control on 7/21/07.

Update 7/27/07:  The last greyhound that ran from the scene of the crash on Interstate 80 near Homestead was found.

Rinthea Satterlee, director of the animal rescue group Safe Haven of Iowa County, said the dog, named Pebbles, was found just south of I-80, some six miles east of Williamsburg.

It was tired, but only slightly dehydrated despite being muzzled the whole time it's been missing. She said more than 20 volunteers have spent more than 200 hours searching for the dogs.

The four surviving dogs seem to be doing well, and are all home, Satterlee said.

Update 2/19/08:  Papadopoulos (DOB 7/8/63) (Case #06481STXA237125) was charged with 1 count of failure to maintain control of her Chevy Silverado and ordered to pay court costs and fines totaling $101.20.

Court records also show that Papadopoulos was the defendant in two speeding cases.

Update 8/26/08:  Mark Allen Junk (DOB 10/6/63) according to Iowa court records has been in court 10 times for violations ranging from following to close, speeding, operating without a registration, and unsafe approach to stationary vehicle.


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