Peter J. Landrith stomped girlfriends cat to death Leesburg, VA  Loudoun County November 30, 2004

Landrith, age 38 has been charged with killing a 14-year old declawed cat named Luke.  Landrith grabbed the cat, threw him in a trash can and stomped on him several times at the 43400 block of Wild Dunes Square.

Landrith was ordered to stay away from the cats owner until his January 2005 trial in General District Court.

Allyn Cornell had left the townhouse to attend a meeting leaving Landrith home which she shared with a son and 4 cats after making Landrith a braunschweiger sandwich.

Landrith was found guilty of killing the cat.  During the 3 hour trial, Chad Cornell, age 31, testified that he arrived home to hear "piercing screams" coming from the basement storage room.  There he found the 6-foot-3 Landrith pumping his foot into a trash can in the center of the room.  A pair of latex gloves hung from Landrith's blue-jeans pocket.  When Chad pulled Landrith's leg out of the trash can he saw the cat on the bottom, his hind legs bloody, his chest heaving.  The cat died on the way to a veterinary clinic.

Landrith offered no emotion, only an explanation that the cat tried to eat his sandwich and when he shooed Luke away, the cat bit him.

Allyn Cornell testified that when she arrived home the braunschweiger sandwich was still on the kitchen table.

Landrith testified that it was a tuna sandwich that he carried to the storage unit where he went to look through boxes.

A veterinarian testified that the cat died from trauma and that blood had filled its abdomen.

Update January 11, 2006:

Circuit Court Judge J. Howe Brown, sentenced Landrith to 3 years in prison, all suspended and 5 years probation.  Landrith is required to undergo a mental health evaluation, barred for life from owing animals and obligated to maintain steady employment and a stable living situation.

Commonwealth Attorney James E. Plowman said he has received at least 150 emails, faxes and handwritten notes, from New Mexico and Greece, praising the conviction of Landrith.  Among them was an October 12, 2004 letter from the late comedian Richard Pryor and his wife, Jennifer, animal rights activists, who wrote that Landrith was "clearly a threat to society".  Pryor died 2 months later.


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