Who, age What Where When Last Known Address

Patricia Ann Haynes, 23

aka Tricia Ann Haynes

animal neglect

Ames, IA

Story County

May 7, 2007

Des Moines, IA

Urbandale, IA

Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date
Misdemeanor contempt of court, probation violations   Convicted  

Patricia Ann Haynes, 23 (DOB 10/4/83), 905 Dickinson Ave. No. 209, Ames, was arrested on a warrant for animal neglect.

Haynes was charged with 2 counts of animal neglect - death or injury (Case # 02851 SRCR038933) along with a probation violation dating back to 1985 and 2 counts of failure to appear for a non-felony violation from 1978.

When arrested on 5/16/07 Haynes posted bail of $2000.  Judge Lawrence E. Jahn issued another warrant on 7/20/07 for failure to appear - on 7/30/07 at arraignment, Haynes entered a plea of not guilty.  Another arrest warrant was issued and the $2000 bail bond was forfeited on 10/15/07.  On 11/7/07 Haynes entered a guilty plea and was given a court ordered payment plan for restitution to the Sheriff's department and the City of Ames Animal Shelter.  On 12/10/07 the judge ordered probation after finding Haynes guilty but on 4/22/08 the probation was revoked and another arrest warrant was issued.  On 4/25/08 Haynes posted bail.  On 7/15/08 Haynes was found in contempt of court and another arrest warrant was issued.  The warrant was served by the Ames Police Department on 8/5/08.  On 8/14/08 Haynes was again found in contempt of court and another arrest warrant was served on 8/18/08.  On 8/25/08 another court ordered payment plan was issued.  The Sheriff's office recommended a reduction of sentence and it was approved by the court on 9/18/08.  On 10/24/08, the court ordered a mental health evaluation.  0n 3/9/09 Judge Lawrence E. Jahn ordered reimbursement to the Sheriff's Department.  On 7/24/09 the court ordered an employer administrative wage levy.

For count 1 of animal neglect Haynes was initially given a deferred judgment, with probation and a fine, but on 8/25/08 she was ordered to time served in jail.  Count 2 of animal neglect was dismissed.  Haynes was ordered to pay all court costs, civil penalties, attorney fees, Sheriff's fees, probation revocation fees and shelter fees.

Haynes also known as Tricia Ann Haynes, is no stranger to the court system.  Iowa court records show 22 cases where Haynes is listed as a defendant.  Several of these cases are for Speeding violations, parking violations.  ON 2/23/07 she was charged with OWI and contempt of court for failure to appear.

Police reports from different police departments show:

Ames Police arrested Haynes on 5/15/07 for animal neglect and on 11/6/07 for contempt of court for failure to appear.

Story County Sheriff arrested Haynes on 4/15/08 for contempt of court; again on 4/24/08 for probation violation and again on 8/18/08 for failure to appear.


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