Who, age What Where When Last Known Address
Oanh Le, 55 31 cats seized

Ottawa, Canada

March 26, 2009  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date /Courthouse
    31 cats Alleged  

Oanh Le, 55, was also charged on March 26 with permitting distress to, and failing to provide adequate and appropriate care for 31 cats living in her two-bedroom East Ottawa apartment. Ms. Le called the OHS on Feb. 25 to surrender five cats, allegedly at the request of her landlord.

When the OHS agents arrived at the apartment, they were met by the overwhelming smell of urine emanating from the cluttered unit. More than 20 cats were found inside the apartment itself. Ms. Le refused to surrender any of the animals, so the agents issued an order to have the apartment cleaned.

The agent returned to Ms. Le's home three days later to see if the order had been complied with. Ms. Le refused to open the door to the OHS agent, so the agent left, and returned on March 2 with an OSPCA warrant to enter the residence. Assisted by police and representatives from a mobile crisis team, the OHS removed 31 cats and transported all the animals back to the shelter. All the cats were under-socialized, fearful of humans, scratched when handled, and were not deemed adoptable.

Le is expected to make their first court appearances on April 26, 2010.


Ottawa Citizen