Not Known 6 neglected horses rescued, 2 found dead Lawron, OK Stephens County 12/5/07

     Do you know this man?  He is a person of interest in a horse abuse case in Lawton, Oklahoma

Stephens County Deputies found some severely malnourished horses on property just off of Old Highway 7.  Found were 2 dead horses and 6 neglected and severely emaciated.

     There was absolutely no grass, no hay and no feed in the area where the horses were found.  2 of the horses were locked in a barn and forced to eat their own feces.  They were so malnourished all of their ribs were visible, they had muscle loss and spine problems and their manes and coats were matted with tree droppings.  The 2 horses are at the home of veterinarian Connie McLemore.

The person the authorities are looking for appears to have abandoned the animals and left them to fend for themselves.  They don't believe the perpetrator has lived their for 3 months.  Please call the Stephen's County Sheriff's Department at 580-255-3131 if you have any information on this case or the whereabouts of the suspected perpetrator.

Stephens County Sheriff Jimmie Bruner plans on filing charges against the owner for animal cruelty as soon as he is located.

The remaining 4 horses are with the Stephens County Humane Society which doesn't normally handle horses, so they could use some help.  If you have extra hay or horse feed, please contact them at 580-252-7387.  Donations can be dropped of at 714 West Martin Luther King Avenue in Duncan, Oklahoma.


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