15-year old Boy

16-year-old Boy

17-year-old Boy

James E. Vannatta

Jordan Bruce Stackhouse

Beating death of four baby goats

Williams Township, PA

Northampton County

April 11, 2006

Williams Township Police are investigating a horrifying case of animal abuse in Northampton County after find three goats dead in Williams Township. Authorities state that several teenagers broke in and committed a horrific act of animal cruelty.

(Photo courtesy of CBS3) On April 12th, Matt Redmond arrived at his farm to find a goat dead about 15 feet in front of the gate, the mother was lying next to it she cried all day. Then he found two baby goats dead and two more clinging to life. One was a newborn, just 7-hours old with two broken legs. On Monday, a third baby goat died from its injuries. Even more shocking is how Redmond believes this crime was committed, after find softballs, a broken rake and two metal fence stakes on his property. He and his wife believe they were playing baseball with the baby goats. Because they were so small, they believe they were used for batting practice.

Redmond has purchased livestock guardian dogs and has been sleeping in a trailer on his farm. He stated that the State Police have given names of some juveniles believed to be involved. He and his wife would like to see them arrested.

One baby goat named Easter is the only survivor. He will be getting his casts changed Thursday and is expected to make a full recovery.

Update May 6, 2006:

4 people have been arrested for killing the goats.  Jordan Bruce Stackhouse and James E. Vannatta, both age 18 of Williams, along with a 16-year-old boy from Williams Township, a 15-year-old from Wilson and a 17 also from Wilson.  All have been charged with criminal trespass.

Update May 16, 2006:

Vannatta and Stackhouse plead guilty to criminal trespass before District Judge Sandra Zemgulis in Easton and was released after paying $425 that included a $300 fine.

The 16-year-old boy remains in juvenile detention on charges of killing 2 newborn goats and injuring 2 other kids.  The 15-year old boys parents notified Judge Zemgulis' office that they met with a judge, no date has been set and it is unknown what the teen plead.

Easter the remaining baby goat has died.  Easter became sick and was euthanized on May 6th.

Update July 29, 2006:

The 16-year old boy accused of beating goats in Williams Township plans to fight a misdemeanor charge for animal cruelty. He is accused of beating four baby goats with a wooden handle in a pasture off Kressman Road in April. Two goats died and the others sustained mortal injuries.

The Friday conference attended by Assistant District Attorney Thomas Carroll, Defense Attorney Philip Lauer and Judge Anthony Beltrami at the Northampton County Courts in Easton regarding a pre-trial motion was closed to the public.

A contested hearing similar to trial for adults has been postponed to a tentative June 27 date. The Judge has not set a new date for the hearing as of Friday, June 29th.  Maggie Alexander and Matt Redmond who owned the goats are moving to a farm in Brookfield, NY.

Update September 10, 2006:

4 Teens plead guilty in May to criminal trespass charges and paid up to $435 in fines and court costs.  The 16-year old from Williams, had the most serious charge of cruelty to animals dropped.  The teen had also been charged with criminal trespass, but it is unclear how that charge was resolved.


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