Ned Proffitt

Accused Puppy Killer Indicted on two felony charges

 Decatur, IL

 October 26, 2005

On Monday morning, July 24th, the Meigs County Grand Jury found 67-year old Ned Proffitt guilty of two felony counts of aggravated animal cruelty.  The case had been delayed for months but finally presented to a Grand Jury in mid-July when they then heard the evidence from several witnesses and saw the home video tape.

Halloween night, 2005, several people who lived in Proffitt’s mobile home park witnessed Proffitt use a gun to shoot at several puppies in a field across the street, which he did not own. The stated he then walked into the field with a hammer.  A home video shot by a former resident of the mobile home part, shows Proffitt walking up to the puppies and striking them with a hammer. One puppy was struck nine times with the hammer. They all appeared to have died from the blows.

In the Grand Jury indictment it states ‘Ned Proffitt…did knowingly and intentionally and with no justifiable purpose, kill or cause serious physical injury to a companion animal, such animal being a dog, by means of a depraved or sadistic manner and which tortured or maimed the animal….’

Proffitt will be back in court on Monday morning, July 31st for arraignment on the felony aggravated animal cruelty charges and a trial date could be scheduled.  If found guilty, Proffitt faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.


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