Maria A. Yordan-Torres

Dog breeder pleads guilty to neglect

Clarksburg, MD

January 4, 2006

Maria Yordan-Torres, 53, of Clarksburg, MD entered a guilty plea to five counts of animal neglect on Thursday, July 20th before Montgomery County District Judge Mary Beth McCormick.  She will be sentenced on October 5th.

After a police investigation into her dog-breeding business, Yordan-Torres, a Montgomery Blair High School teacher, was charged with 32 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty in January after a police investigation found dozens of Coton de Tulear dogs malnourished and filthy in her home.

Update 1/23/06:

Yordan-Torres was charged with 21 counts of "unnecessarily failing to provide nutritious food in sufficient quantity, veterinary care, proper drink, air, space, shelter, or protection from the weather" and 11 counts of "inflicting unnecessary suffering or pain on an animal".

(photo courtesy of Montgomery County Police Dept.) Yordan-Torres was given a civil citation in April 2005, after the Montgomery County Police Animal Services Division responded to a call concerning an abandoned dog. The dog showed signs of physical neglect and malnourishment when found outside her residence in the 12400 block of Dancrest Drive. 1 beagle and 14 Coton de Tulear dogs were found to be in satisfactory condition in her home at that time. 5 months later in November, 2005, officers found the dogs to be in unsanitary crates but were assured by Yordan-Torres that the situation was only temporary.

In late December 2005, officers returned to find 1 dead dog lying in her front yard and a 2nd malnourished dog. The necropsy found the dead dog to be malnourished and neglected and that exposure to the elements played a role in the animal's death.

On January 4th, a search warrant was conducted at Yordan-Torres home where 19 adult, 8 Coton de Tulear puppies and 1 adult beagle were seized. On January 19th, an arrest warrant was obtained charging Yordan-Torres with 32counts of animal cruelty. She was held on $15,000 bond at the Montgomery County Detention Center and release on January 20th after making the bond payment.

Update 1/25/06:

Yordan-Torres has been a high school spanish teacher in the Montgomery County School system since 1986.

(photo courtesy of Maryland's Community News Gazette) None of the dogs were licensed in Montgomery County. All of the animals were turned over to the Humane Society.

Yordan-Torres had been selling the dogs for $2,000 each.

Update 7/22/06:

Yordan-Torres plead guilty to 5 counts of animal neglect on thursday, July 20th before Montgomery County District Judge Mary Beth McCormick. Sentencing will be on October 5th 2006. She had been facing 89 counts of animal neglect.

The conviction could giver her a maximum sentence of 450 days in jail

Many of the dogs had to be shaved when they went to the Humane Society because they were suffering from "urine burns" on their legs.

Yordan-Torres' lawyer, requested a sentencing delay because she is currently receiving psychological care. The prosecutor is seeking a 9 month jail term.


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