Morgan Ryan Mullins

Animal cruelty, neglect of pit bull dogs and pups

Belleville, MI

Jan. 10, 2002

Morgan Mullins, Jr.

Promoting Dog fighting and training

Belleville, MI

May, 2001

Mullins, age 43, was initially charged with 12 counts of animal cruelty. On 1/10/02 The Animal Control Officer received a tip that a pit bull was running down Denton Road with a 15-foot chain attached to her collar. The extremely emaciated dog was found with a current Van Buren Township dog license tag that was traced back to Mullins.

Upon investigation the ACO found a garage door ajar with hay coming out from underneath it but no food or water was evident. Morgan Mullins, Jr., age 21, who was on probation from a conviction concerning dog fighting/training, arrived at the home and cooperated with the ACO and Van Buren police. Morgan led the police and ACO to 11 puppies in a 2x3-foot pen area that hadn't been cleaned recently with no food or water.

The ACO confiscated 2 females and all the puppies and transport them to the Van Buren Animal Shelter. The emaciated dog, named Akira was taken to Belleville Animal Hospital for evaluation.

On February 28, 2002 Mullins entered a guilty plea to 3 counts of animal cruelty. Judge Tina Brooks Green, has ordered 1 female pit bull spayed and Mullins will be required to bring proof of the spay to the sentencing.

The adult female dogs were returned to Mullins but the 11 puppies remain in the custody of the township because they were signed over by Mullins.

The Van Buren township Public Safety Director, the township Supervisor and the township attorney are trying to determine whether there would be unnecessary liability to the town if the puppies were adopted and then did something wrong. The Michigan Humane Society told the ACO the puppies would be euthanized if they were delivered to them, because of its policy on pit bulls.

The puppies are in foster care with children, cats and other dogs while their fate is being decided. The ACO stated he has several people willing to adopt the puppies. A Garden City man stated that his male dog sired the puppies and he was promised 1/2 the litter from Mullins. The ACO told the man he could have the pups if he paid $500 each in pound fees. The man was given 48 hours to come for the dogs and he didn't show up.

In March 2002 the township Supervisor was set to go before the town board with an adoption policy that would include a release of the township of liability to anyone wishing to adopt these pups.

Mullins sentencing is set for May 2nd, 2002.

In May 2001, Mullins, Jr. was charged with promoting dog fighting and training.  He was given probation after pleading guilty to 1 count of possession of dog-fighting equipment and was not supposed to own any animals during his 18-month-probation period.


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