Michael Glenn Travis 2 dogs found dead on property, died from starvation and exposure Norman, OK  Cleveland County November 12, 2002

Michael Glenn Travis, age 36, 2800 Rampart, is charged with animal cruelty in Cleveland County District Court for not caring for a pair of dogs found dead on his property.

Court records indicated that a veterinarian examined the dogs and concluded they died from starvation and exposure to wet and cold weather. The dogs a female schnauzer and a female shepherd mix were dehydrated and underweight.

Update 3/4/03:

A Cleveland County judge ordered a trial for Travis.

Travis told police he knew the dogs had died but did not have the tie to bury them, court records indicated.

Update 8/20/03:

Michael Glenn Travis , 37, was found guilty in Cleveland County District Court of not providing adequate care for a pair of dogs.

Jurors, who deliberated about an hour, recommended Travis pay a $500 fine for the felony.

Formal sentencing is scheduled for Sept. 11.

Travis and his wife, Kay, each testified and told jurors the two dogs were given food, but chose not to eat.

Travis said he and his wife knew the dogs were ill, but could not pay for them to see a veterinarian. He and his wife were both unemployed last summer when the dogs became sick, he said.

Police came to the Travis residence, 2800 Rampart, about two days after the dogs died.


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