Who, age What Where When Last known address
Manda Fletcher 53 dogs seized

Salyersville, KY

Magoffin County

April 15, 2009 same
William Fletcher 53 dogs seized

Salyersville, KY

Magoffin County

April 15, 2009 same
Amanda Wells 53 dogs seized

Salyersville, KY

Magoffin County

April 15, 2009 same
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved
  child endangerment 46 dogs

An eastern Kentucky woman faces dozens of counts of animal cruelty, after animal control officials find animals living in filth at her home.

Someone in the area complained about the home on Mill Branch on the outskirts of Salyersville in Magoffin County.

Animal control says there were all types of dogs on Manda Fletcher's property, some in the house, some in cages, others running around outside. We're told most were in such bad shape they had to be put down.

Fletcher says she was trying to help them. The seven dogs that were OK we're told were placed in homes. Fletcher's four children were taken by social service workers and given to other family members.

Fletcher is charged with 46 counts of animal cruelty.

Update 4/21/09:  Fletcher has been charged with 46 counts of animal cruelty and 1 count of animal torture.  She has plead not guilty.  She will be back in court on June 1st.

Of the 53 dogs seized, all but 7 were euthanized.  The dogs were living in absolute deplorable conditions, smothering in their own waste; 1 puppy was discovered dead on a cage.

Fletcher's son, William and his girlfriend, who lived next door, have been charged with 8 counts of animal cruelty.

WKYT interviewed Fletcher who denies doing anything wrong and says she only cared too much for them. Fletcher stated she takes in every stray dog she finds.  “I didn't figure anybody wanted them, so I kept them,” Fletcher said.

ACO Steve Craig Caldwell said 13 dogs were in cages and the rest were running around inside and outside the home.

“They had no reason to kill those dogs,” Fletcher said.  Fletcher claims she was taking care of the dogs.

“There were five Boxers sick, and yes, I had been doctoring them. I gave them penicillin shots. The puppies I had, I know they were healthy. One cage was dirty, I agree it was dirty. The others, they did have some poop on the side,” Fletcher said.  She says she was just working more hours and not at home enough.

Officers call the scene abuse, and charged her with 46 counts of animal cruelty.  “She broke the law. All of the dogs in the house, the dog dead in the house was bad enough,” Caldwell said.

“I loved those puppies. Why would you even fool with puppies if you didn't care for them?” Fletcher said.