Mike Charpentier, Adam Bathke, Clinton W. Hall, Joseph Patterson & an not-disclosed juvenile boy Tortured and killed a pygmy goat Falls City, OR November 22, 2000

Big Boy a pet pygmy goat owned by 8-year-old Tyler Woods was stolen on November 22, 2000 from his yard near the Falls City High School.

The goats body was found on December 2nd with his mouth bound with duct tape, his eye shot with pellets and remains of exploded firecrackers in his anus.

4 adults and a 16-year-old juvenile boy were arrested in connection with the death of Big Boy.  They have all been charged with theft and aggravated animal abuse.

Big Boy, a 2-year-old pygmy goat had never been separated from his brother Little Boy so when Big Boy went missing Little Boy languished without his companion.  A neighbor of Tyler's grandparents loaned them another pygmy goat named Speed to keep Little Boy company.

Falls City residents, collected a jar of money for the family to buy another goat.  Falls City has only 1 main street, about 1,200 residents and is 9 miles southwest of Dallas, Oregon.  The donations collected included enough money to purchase another goat and to help pay for an enclosure.

Adam Bathke, Mike Charpentier and Joseph Patterson, all age 19, along with Clinton William Hall, age 20 and a not-disclosed 16-year-old boy were arrested and will be charged as a felony in the torture of Big Boy.

The adults will go to trial on January 31st, 2001 in the Polk County Circuit Court.  The juveniles case will be heard on January 29th, 2001 in Polk County Juvenile Court.

Update 2/1/01:

Hall and Patterson, plead guilty to killing the goat and have been sentenced to 90 days in jail.  They will also be placed on 3 years probation, which includes 250 hours of community service.

Update  3/24/01:

Bathke and Charpentier have been found guilty and will serve jail time and have to clean animal pens at the Polk County Fair as part of their sentences.  Both plead guilty to stealing and maliciously abusing the goat.  Bathke will serve 7 months while Charpentier will serve 8 month sin the Polk County Jail.  They are not eligible for any early release programs.  They will also have to read and reply to more than 500 emails and letters sent to the courthouse about the case as part of the sentence handed down from Polk County Circuit Judge Charles Luukinen.

All 4 men have been ordered to have no contact with each other or animals during their probationary period.  They all must undergo psychiatric evaluations and treatment for alcohol and substance abuse, anger management and mental health.

Charpentier and Bathke received a stronger sentence because they admitted to killing the goat.  Hall and Patterson admitted to stealing the goat but not to killing it.

Charpentier was also sentenced to 6 months for planning with another inmate to steal a weapon and kill a deputy.  He will be allowed to serve that sentence concurrently.

The 16-year-old boy also plead guilty to animal abuse and theft but has not been sentenced yet.  The boy has been released into his parents custody, who live in Falls City.  He must wear an electronic monitoring device as part of his release.


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Polk County Dept of Corrections