Mickey & Molly McFayden Cat shot with paintball gun, beaten & put in clothes dryer Virginia Beach, VA

December 12, 2005

Siblings Mickey & Molly McFayden abused a cat named Smokey.  Smokey was shot at least 10 times by a paintball gun, thrown against the wall numerous times and punched.  He was also put inside a dryer and that dryer was turned on.

The McFayden's live at the Linkhorn Bay Apartments off of Birdneck.

Smokey has been nursed back to health and placed in the care of the Virginia Beach SPCA.  He cam into the shelter underweight and had several broken teeth.  Smokey will go up for adoption after the McFayden's go to court in early February.

Update April 20, 2006:

Mickey McFayden was sentenced to a year in jail.  Molly McFayden was sentenced to 1 year with six months suspended.  The siblings were convicted of misdemeanor animal cruelty.  They were also ordered to pay restitution to the Virginia Beach SPCA and cannot own pets for the rest of their lives.


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