Who poisoned 5 dogs and a puppy in the Pope's Pond neighborhood, killing 5 dogs

Milton, MA

Dec 6, 1998

  Lucy a Labrador retriever, owned by Gerald Kawadler, is the only dog that survived being poisoned in her back yard. Five dogs died on December 26th, 1999 after eating meatballs believed to have been laced with strychnine-treated seeds, left in the yards of their homes in the Pope's Pond neighborhood.

State pesticide regulators said the sale and use of strychnine containing products has been outlawed for more than 10 years in Massachusetts. Unused products were supposed to be returned to retailers once the prohibition went into effect. However strychnine does have a 100-year shelf life.

Anyone who has information regarding this case, should contact the MSPCA at 1-800-628-5808 or the Milton Police Department at 617-698-COPS.


The Boston Globe