Pet cat killed and hung on owners front porch

Lucas, TX

July 28, 2006

Lt. John Norton of the Collin County Sheriff’s Office reported that Vickie Ford of Lucas told Sheriff’s Deputies that some killed her pet cat and hung it on her front porch in the 6800 block of County Road 889 on Friday, July 28thFord had left her home to take a walk about 3 p.m. and when she returned home, she noticed the cat hanging from her front porch with a black electrical cord tied around its neck.  There is no indication as to why someone would have wanted to kill the animal.

Ann Barnes, Vice President of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of North Texas, stated that animal cruelty cases such as these are difficult to solve and that cats are often the victim of animal cruelty because their owners don't try to keep them restrained as much as other pets.  She also stated that it is even more difficult to bring charges against people who commit animal cruelty without a witness or someone admitting to the act of cruelty. According to Texas State law, it would have to be her cat and torture would have to be proven. There are no laws for cruelty against stray cats.


McKinney Courier-Gazette