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Last Known Address

Mary Bale


Threw a cat in a trash bin

Coventry, England

August 21, 2010


Type of Crime

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1 4-year-old cat



A woman who threw a kitten into a wheelie bin is wanted by the RSPCA.

  (Photo courtesy of Metro.co.uk - The grey-haired woman stroking the cat as it walks along a wall before peering over her shoulder and dumping into a rubbish bin)

The woman was wearing a white tee shirt and dark trousers. The cat’s owners, Stephanie and Darryl Mann said their pet Lola was trapped in the bin for 15 hours. Lola, who is about 4 years old, was injured and is recovering well from her ordeal. Anyone who saw the incident is asked to call the RSPCA National Line at 0300 1234 999 leaving  a message for Inspector Nicky Foster.

  (Photo courtesy of News Sky – Cat’s owners Stephanie and Darryl Mann)

Update 8/24/10:
British animal cruelty inspectors say they have tracked down a woman caught on closed-circuit TV hurling a cat into a garbage can.

Video footage captured by the cat owner's personal surveillance camera — and seen by thousands after it was posted online — shows a woman stroking 4-year-old Lola before grabbing the pet by the neck and dumping it into the trash.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which investigates and prosecutes cruelty cases, said it has identified the woman and plans to interview her. Police say they are aiding the inquiry.

The RSPCA declined to say whether the woman had been tracked down by a viewer who'd seen the footage online.

(Photo courtesy of News Sky)

The woman, now identified as Mary Bale, has been offered police protection after being identified by the RSPCA.

Bale was tracked down after she was caught by the cat's owners at their Coventry home

Bale was offered police protection because of the "level of vitriol against her".  Residents are extremely angry, and death threats had been made against her on the internet.  "West Midlands Police are taking her safety extremely seriously".

The Manns found the trapped cat when they heard her cries the next morning.  They thought Lola must have been dumped in the bin by drunken yobs.  But when they looked through their CCTV footage, they were shocked to discover it was a middle-aged woman.

She is caught petting the animal on camera, before looking around to see if she is being watched.  Bale opens the wheelie bin, picks the cat up by the scruff of her neck and throws her in.

Darryl Mann said "I was shocked how someone could do something like that to an animal. "I know some people don't like cats but you wouldn't expect them to do that to an animal that can't defend itself."

They said Lola was terrified and sitting in her own mess.

The RSPCA said it was "appalled" by Bale's actions and was continuing the investigation to decide whether to bring charges against her.

A police spokesman said "The RSPCA are leading an investigation into the incident and will be interviewing Bale shortly.  "Coventry Police are supporting this investigation and urge the public to leave the matter to be dealt with correctly by the authorities.


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