Chad Lamansky David Myers & Justin Tobin

Beat over 30 cats, killing 18

Noah's Ark Animal Shelter, Fairfield, Iowa

Mar. 8, 1997

Myers and Lamansky

3 juveniles entered Noah's Ark Animal Shelter with baseball bats beat over 30 cats, and killing 18 of them. The boys were 18 and 17 years old at the time of the crime.

According to police, a few days before the break-in at Noah's Ark, Lamansky and Myers shot, killed and skinned a cat that belonged to Lamansky's mother and showed it off to their friends. The boys also bragged that they planned on breaking into the animal shelter to several friends at a party.

Lamansky and Myers were charged with willfully injuring animals maintained by an animal facility, entering an animal facility with the intent to injure an animal and third degree burglary.

Justin Tobin pled guilty to third degree burglary charges on July 15, 1997 before the trial and agreed to testify against Lamansky and Myers. He admitted driving from a local restaurant to pick up baseball bats and then taking them to Noah's Ark. He claimed he never participated in the actual bludgeoning of the cats and that he only kicked a cat out of the way during the attack without injuring it. As part of his plea agreement, Tobin will serve three years probation and was required to perform 100-200 hours of community service. He will also participate in a youthful offender program.

Since Lamansky and Myers admitted entering the animal shelter with the intent to injure the animals, the only issue at the trial was the cost of the damage they inflicted. On November 8, 1997, Lamansky and Myers were convicted of misdemeanors (criminal trespass). They were sentenced (on December 19, 1997) to four years in prison, then suspended to be four years on the youthful offender program, three years probation, 23 days in county jail and $5-6000 in fines plus prosecution's court costs, including mandatory psychological counseling.

Pal lost a leg Pearl lost her eyesight

Wilbur had to be fed through a feeding tube in his belly because his jaw was broken.


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