Lori Gabri, DVM

Horses seized in Roane County

Roane, WV

July 29, 2006

On Friday, July 28th, Roane County Deputies and State Veterinarian Dr. Jose Starcher arrived at the farm of Dr. Lori Gabri to inspect the horses and the property.  The State Vet recommended that the horses be removed.  The horses were taken to a stockyard in Spencer where they will be housed temporarily.  More than a dozen horses were seized after neighbors had been complaining for months that the horses were not being fed properly.

No official charges have been filed against Gabri but she has been suspended from her job as a veterinarian in Kanawha County.

Before the vet came to inspect the farm, Gabri gave five horses away.

Update 8/18/06:

Roane Magistrate Russell Goodwin announced that an agreement has been reached between Gabri and Prosecutor Mark Sergent and Sheriff Todd Cole.

Mike Craigo of the West Virginia Horse Center in Leon, a non-profit organization will take possession of the 13 horses found at the farm at 333 Abbot Rd., off Gabe Rd., near the Kanawha County line.  Craigo will maintain possession of the horses until Gabri is able to secure proper pasture and land.  The horses will not be allowed to be returned to Gabri's current farm.  Gabri will pay the expenses of the horses on a monthly basis until they are returned to her possession.  Gabri will also have to pay the M&W Livestock Market of Spencer a total of $776.94 within 30 days where the horses were kept after their seizure.

As part of the agreement, the horses will not be allowed to return to Gabri's Abbott Rd. farm until she can obtain a proper amount of pastureland.  Gabri, age 46, has been suspended from the North Gateway Animal Hospital at 1246 Greenbriar St. in Charleston were she was employed.  No criminal charges will be filed against Gabri as a further part of the agreement.

Gabri held a veterinarian license in Iowa from 1999 to 2002 and was never subject to any sanctions.

Gabri started practicing at the North Gateway Animal Hospital in Charleston and the Gateway Animal Hospital in St. Albans on a temporary license in October 2001.  She received her full license in June 2002.  the Charleston Daily Mail reported on 8/4/06 that Gabri is no longer working at the Gateway Hospitals.

In all 13 horses were seized - 9 were taken immediately for care, the other 4 were wild and took longer to rescue.

Per the agreed order, Gabri will be required to pay Craigo monthly while the horses are at his sanctuary.  She also owes $776.94 to M&W Livestock Market in Spenser and must pay within 30 days of the order.  When the horses are returned, independent parties will monitor the horses.

Gabri was quoted in the Charleston Daily Mail on March 14, 2003 in regards to a dog neglect case.  "He was nothing but skin and bones", stated Kanawha Charleston Humane Association shelter veterinarian Lori Gabri.  "What really pissed me off the most is all that dog needed was a bag of dog food.  How much is a bag of dog food?"  Gabri then went on to state "I really wish the laws would toughen up," "Even though dogs are considered property, they are living beings.  They have feelings and needs" stated Gabri.



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