Unknown Cocker spaniel in need of medical care left behind animal shelter

Albany, GA

Dougherty County

June 30, 2006

This cocker spaniel has no name and no home. She was placed in a cage and left at the Albany Humane Society but it was not the act a good Samaritan.

"These people actually drove to the back of the building and left a dog that was in need of severe medical attention," says Strickland. The bone of her right hind leg was completely exposed.

"All the flesh off of one leg had been ripped off. It was exposed bone, just a horrible situation. The dog couldn't even stand on her own and appeared to be in a lot of anguish," says Strickland.

The Humane Society doesn't have much money to care for wounded animals but they brought this dog to veterinarian Dr. Haley Hydrick. "It's shocking that someone can turn their head to this, to ignore it, to pretend that they don't even see it," says Hydrick.

Hydrick says the leg was unattended for at least two weeks. Left too long, so it was completely unusable. "Nothing could save it so the only option was to take the leg off," says Hydrick.

But many animals aren't able to get such help. Although animal abusers can now be charged with a felony, cases like these are still all too common.

"We've had dogs thrown over our fence with prolapsed uteruses, broken bones," says Strickland. So they're using this cocker spaniel as a lesson. They're offering a generous reward for the arrest and conviction of the owner or whoever neglected the dog.

"We just decided we're going to make a difference in this dogs life and we're going to raise some awareness in this community that this type of neglect is not going to be tolerated," says Strickland.

Although she still has no name and lost a leg, she's helping to make a stand. "Animals never cease to amaze me. She's probably gonna be standing up in her cage tomorrow with three legs," says Hydrick.

And soon these sad eyes will turn to happy once again.

Anyone with any information on this case should call 229-888-Pets.

Update 8/30/06:  A badly injured cocker spaniel, dropped off at the Albany Humane Society last month, is doing better. In fact, Koko has been adopted and is up and running around again. Sadly, though, we still don't know who abused this little dog so terribly.

When we first introduced you to Koko, seven weeks ago, she was a sad, neglected puppy in very bad shape. "It's just sad that people do that," says Karen Kramer. Sad that someone would lock Koko in a cage, and drop her off at night at the Humane Society. When workers found Koko the next day, the bone of her right hind leg was completely exposed. Karen says, "If you can't take care of them, find someone who can."

Those "someones" are Alan and Karen Kramer, who came to Koko through a sad story of their own. Their dog of thirteen years had to be put down the same day Koko was found. "I just think that, since that's the same day that Kuddles got put to sleep that she's just an angel," says Karen. Alan adds, "We like to think that things happen for a reason and we feel like there's a lot of that, because it's bizarre how this thing happened."

And a lot has happened to Koko since she was found. She's gone through several surgeries, and her leg was amputated, but now, she's learned to run again, and can even climb stairs. Her surgery was just a few weeks ago. Karen says, "Dogs are resilient compared to people. She can just go on and say, 'okay, I don't have a leg, but I'll still run and play and love you.' She's not angry." Rather, happy to have a new, loving home.

Karen says, "She's perfect!" A perfect match to her new family. "If you didn't know better, you'd think they were sisters." And now, Koko and Kosmo Kramer are.

"Koko, come here. She usually comes to me. Koko, hey!" Koko still has a few tricks to learn. But the trickiest part, finding a new home, is already over.

A reward of $2500 is still being offered in this animal abuse case.


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