Who, age What Where Last known address When
Kenneth R. "Randy" Jones, 49 operating an illegal hunting guide business

Big Lake, AK

Matanuska-Susitna Borough

  September 20, 1999
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animals involved
Felony Not known 1 moose

A Big Lake man accused of operating an illegal guide business faces seven charges in Aniak District Court.

Alaska State Troopers said Kenneth R. ''Randy'' Jones, 49, owner and operator of Alaskan Explorers and Fishermen, was not a licensed guide or air taxi operator but used the Internet to promote his guided fishing trips and big game hunts for moose, caribou and black bear. He was also charged with assisting a client in killing a moose on the same day he was airborne and possessing antlers without edible meat, troopers said.

Troopers said Jones flew an Arizona man to the Amos Lakes area on Sept. 20, and the hunter killed and harvested a moose on the same day.

Troopers began investigating when a registered guide at a nearby lodge reported seeing Jones' plane circle the area five times before landing, according to a charging document. In less than two hours, the witness said, he heard three distinct rifle shots.

That witness and another also videotaped Jones' plane on the ground that day in the Amos Lakes area, prosecutors said in the charging document.

It is common for other hunters to report those kinds of violations, said Lt. Franco D'Angelo, head of the Alaska State Troopers' Wildlife Investigations Bureau.

Troopers contacted the Arizona man on Sept. 21. He said he had learned of Jones' business on the Internet and was paying $2,000 for his services, according to the court document. He also said he had been at Amos Lakes for two days before he shot the moose.

Jones told troopers he'd flown the hunter into the area on the same day the moose was shot, and that he'd confronted the hunter about killing the moose and told him it was illegal, the charging document said. He also said the man was a friend and not a client.

Jones was also charged with providing transportation to a big game hunter, unlawful possession and transportation of game, possession of antlers without edible meat, and wanton waste, troopers said.

''This year we have concentrated pretty heavily on unlicensed guides,'' D'Angelo said. ''It is a big problem, this illegal guiding.''

Update 11/20/08:  Jones (Case # 4AK-00-00017CR) was arraignment at the Aniak Courthouse and originally entered a not guilty plea.  On 9/22/08:  Jones was fined $20,000 - he had previously changed his plea to guilty.  The Judge suspended $10,000 and Jones paid the fine on 9/15/08.  On 10/23/08 a petition to revoke Jones' probation was entered with the Aniak Court.  The petition to revoke probation was dismissed by the prosecutor.  Jones case was reopened and on 10/24/08 Judge David H. Woodmancy issued a summons for Jones.  Jones was put on continued probation on 11/7/08 and on 11/20/08 a guilty plea was entered after the arraignment.  Jones was fined $46,000.00.


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