Kedrick Shanard Mackey 6 dogs seized, suspected dogfighting DeSoto, TX Dallas County May 28, 2008

  (Photo courtesy of CBS 11 TV)  Mackey, was charged with animal cruelty after police found 6 pit bulls in his back yard in the 1400 block of Hubert St.  The dogs appeared to be malnourished.  They also had cuts and scars and some were missing teeth as well as you could see their ribs through their skin.

The dogs were taken to a shelter in Cedar Hill.  Mackey says the dogs are not malnourished and claimed the cuts and scars are the result of playful roughhousing.

Mackey believes the City is targeting pit bulls for "no good reason" and said animal control is rounding up the breed at will.  Animal Control stated the only time it seizes a dog is after they have received a complaint and they deem the animal dangerous.  The city of DeSoto does not have an ordinance banning pit bulls but it does have an aggressive policy regarding dangerous dogs.

Police are talking to witnesses that stated they say the dogs fighting.