Unknown malnourished dog, accidentally shocked

Juneau, AK

Borough of Juneau

August 3, 2000

Juneau Animal Control is seeking the owner of a malnourished dog that was accidentally subjected to a severe electrical shock.

Sunshine Winn reported the dog struggling in the water at Harris Harbor after it became entangled with a rope and chain. In an attempt to get onto the dock, the dog bit a 110-volt extension cord running from an outlet to a private boat.

Animal control officer William Clark said he arrived on the scene at 6:52 p.m. Dispatchers at the Juneau Police Department patched Clark to the rescuers at the harbor. He explained what to do while he was en route.

"They got the dog out of the water. I had them massage the heart, keep a close eye on it, and wrap the muzzle in cloth so if (the dog) became conscious or came out of shock, it would not bite them," Clark said.

The wet, groggy dog lost consciousness twice as Clark transported it to a veterinarian, who was able to stabilize its condition.

Clark described the adult canine as a severely emaciated black shepherd cross weighing about 90 pounds. Its coat was so matted that the chain being used as its collar had to be cut out of its fur. Matting also obscured its gender. The animal had no tags.

Because of the dog's neglected condition, the case is now an animal cruelty investigation. Anyone who recognizes the dog and knows the name of its owner or caretaker should contact Clark at 907-789-6997.