5 Marmoset monkeys stolen from a home in Darlington

Eastbourne, Darlington, Engla

May 14, 2004

Thieves cut the power and broke the locks of the special enclosure at a home in the Eastbourne area of Darlington, England.

The monkeys are worth thousands of dollars each.  They are the pets of Shields family.  There is a substantial reward for their return.

These animals mate for life and family groups are essential for their collective wellbeing.  The thieves took Woody, the 4-year old the lead male, Jazz, 18-months and 2 11-month old babies Cheeky and Gizmo along with Fudge, age 5-months, who weights only a few ounces and is pregnant.

Emma, Woodyís mate and mother of the babies, was forced into an outside aviary during the theft and left behind because she would have attacked and been too difficult to handle.

The thieves knew what they were doing, they obviously know how to handle monkeys, particularly marmosets which move very quickly stated Jane Shields.


BBC News