Who, age What Where When Last Known Address
Jeff Sharon(1) 4 horses die

Leawood, KS

Johnson County

December 2009  
Jeff Sharon 1 horse rescued from the ice

Leawood, KS

Johnson County

January 19, 2010  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date
  (1) cited for 2 counts of animal cruelty 5 horses Alleged  

A dramatic horse rescue was just part of a growing controversy at the Leawood stable the horse is kept on.

"Police called and said he was out on the ice," stable owner Jeff Sharon said.

Sharon got a call from authorities who were on his property or near 135th Street and State Line Road rescuing Claude, an 11-year-old Belgian horse, who had fallen through the ice.

"He's going to be OK," Sharon said.

Today's incident only adds to the controversy Sharon's currently fighting, one which could result in criminal charges.

"This year I had more horses die than in any of my 28 years," Sharon said.  In the last six weeks Sharon said he has lost four horses. One fell through the ice and didn't survive. The others, he said, couldn't handle the winter weather.

"These horses can take 10 degrees or zero degrees for a few days, but not two weeks," Sharon said.

Sharon said he has more than 100 horses and close to a third have cancer. Sharon said he has rescued many of the horses.

The city of Leawood cited him twice in December for cruelty to animals. Things came to a head when Sharon said he couldn't bury the four horses that died recently because the ground was frozen. Sharon said he covered the horses with snow until the ground thawed out, but the snow blew off and the dead animals were visible. Several residents complained.

Johnson County prosecutors will have to decide if the situation is neglect or nature running its course.  "People think I don't take care of the animals, but they are my life," Sharon said. "Animals are all I care about."