J'Raes Professional Pet Grooming ear cut of dog Purdy, WA February 11, 2007

Anni Sheriffus was trying to wash off what she thought was dirt on her dog Jasimine's ear when the ear fell off.

The dog was rushed to her veterinarian only to learn that the dog's ear had been cut off by the dog groom and then to hide the mistake, super-glued it back on.


(Photo's courtesy of KOMO TV)

Jasimine, a shi tzu had to undergo treatment for an infection.

Dena Dement, the owner of J'Raes Professional Pet Grooming has shut down the store .  The owner will not be charged with animal cruelty because the Pierce County Sheriff's office could not find enough evidence to prove she or one of her groomer's cut off the dogs ear.

Dement, said "the groomer who may have been using the shop space, was in no way under any supervision of me or using my business name.  She was working completely on her own, using her own products and tools and making her own appointments."

Dement further added that "it is highly unlikely that this injury happened at a groomer.  It is even more unlikely that any groomer would take the awful steps suggested here to cover up an injury".

Dement also said she was "tremendously hurt and embarrassed that my name has been associated in any way with what happened to this poor dog.  But neither I, nor anyone working for me, had anything to do with the dog's injury".


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