Joseph R. Henderson and Justin J. Alford

Aggravated animal abuse

Bend, OR

Nov. 28, 1999

Joseph R. "Rocky" Henderson age 17 of La Pine and Justin J. Alford, age 15 were in custody on felony charges of animal abuse, conspiracy and theft in the dragging and fatal stabbing of a dog.  The teenagers went to a home in the Sunriver area of Deschutes County and took a 12-year-old chow-mix dog named Goldie from its yard.

The evidence showed that the dog had been chained to the rear of a 1985 Cougar and dragged ~ 1 mile down a paved street.  The Goldie was then stabbed and thrown over a bridge where it was hung by a chain.  The chain got tangled in brush and trees and Goldie was left hanging.  Evidence gathered at the teenager’s homes also linked them to the incident.  The police report stated the dog had suffered broken ribs, broken legs, a fractured neck and severe abrasions to its paws and legs.

Henderson, plead guilty in December 1999 at the Deschutes County Juvenile Justice Center.  Henderson admitted to Stephen P. Forte, the county juvenile referee, that the accusations were all true.  He said they didn't intend to hurt the dog, only to kidnap it to get back a stereo he believed the boys in the family had stolen from him.  They stabbed the dog when they realized how badly it was hurt.

The judge recommended that Henderson be placed in the Oregon Youth Authority's Camp Hilgard, which offers treatment for mental disorders.  The youth authority will ultimately determine how long Henderson remains in custody, but he could be held until his 25th birthday.

Alford requested a trial in juvenile court.


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