Jonathan M. & Angela K. Newton dogfighting - 1 dog seized, 1 dies Friendswood, TX July 7, 2008

Friendswood police rescued a baby from her bloodstained bedroom after she was trapped there as a result of a vicious fight between two dogs.

Jonathan M. Newton, 26, and Angela K. Newton, 28, were later arrested on charges of endangering a child, a second-degree felony. Their relationship, if any, to the child could not be determined at the time of their arrest.

The toddler — who had blood on her, but was not hurt — was released to the custody of a relative.

A woman called Friendswood police to report two dogs were fighting inside her neighbor's home in the 400 block of Stoneledge near FM 518. At the home, officers found blood in the kitchen and hallway and heard a child crying.

Officers forced opened the door to a bedroom, where the two dogs were fighting as the 13-month-old girl rested in her crib nearby. Police zapped one dog with a Taser and fired bean bag rounds at the other dog in an attempt to force both animals into another bedroom. An officer then removed the child from her crib and carried her outside, where paramedics determined she did not have any injuries.

The toddler's bedroom was bloodstained from the dog fight, which involved an American bulldog and a French bull mastiff, Friendswood police said. One of the bedroom's windows had been smashed during the ordeal.

Two older children, ages 13 and 11, were inside the home with the toddler when the dog fight began. The older children then ran to a neighbor's house for help and reported the baby was trapped.

The fight began when one dog broke out of its cage and began attacking the other animal, the older children told police.

One of the dogs died at the residence, while the other was seized by animal control officials.

Child Protective Services caseworkers will investigate the incident and will interview the children, said spokeswoman Gwen Carter. A relative took custody of all three children, who appeared to be in fine condition, Carter said.

The Newton's face bail amounts of $10,000 each.


Houston Chronicle