Who, age What Where When Last known address
Not disclosed- 14-year-old boy beat, kicked a cat, threw bleach in its face, stuffed it in a garbage bag - cat survives

East Moline, IL

Rock Island County

September, 2004  
Not disclosed- 18-year old male beat, kicked a cat, threw bleach in its face, stuffed it in a garbage bag - cat survives

Moline, IL

Rock Island County

September, 2004  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date
Ordinance violation   1 cat Alleged 10/04

Two teenagers are charged with animal cruelty after admitting to police that they beat and kicked a neighbor’s intruding cat before throwing bleach in its face and then placing the injured animal in a garbage bag.

A 14-year-old East Moline boy and an 18-year-old man from Moline are charged with ordinance violations alleging animal cruelty. Court appearances are scheduled for October, Capt. Robert Fuller of the East Moline Police Department said.

Police reports show that Sammy the cat escaped from his home and sneaked into a neighbor’s house through an open basement window. When the teens noticed the cat scratching at a basement door, they tried to run the animal out of the house.

“(They) beat the cat with a metal rod and … threw bleach on the cat,” a police report states. “(The 14-year-old) then placed the cat that was still alive in a plastic garbage bag.

“The garbage bag had claw marks on it and a hole had been chewed through it.”

Amazingly, Sammy survived and was found the next day in a nearby window well.

A Polaroid photograph of the animal was attached to the court file. It showed the badly burned face of a black-and-white cat — its skin and fur appearing charred from its chin to the left eye. The file also indicates that Sammy’s owner was called to the police department to identify the cat and then advised to seek veterinary treatment.

One of the teens reportedly told police why he attacked the animal.  “(The 14-year-old) stated that he knew what he was doing was wrong, but was mad because the cat scratched him,” according to a police report.


Quad City Times