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Iqbal Bashir Shaikh injured horse seized

Vikhroli, India

September 18, 2009  
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    1 horse Alleged  

An injured horse, which had a fracture in one of its hind legs and a wound on its back, was rescued on Friday night on the Eastern Express Highway, near Vikhroli, by an animal activist.

The horse's handler, Iqbal Bashir Shaikh, was visibly drunk when intercepted by Sunish Subramanian of Plant and Animals Welfare Society (PAWS).

"I was shocked to discover that the injured animal was forced to trot all the way from Kalyan to Nariman Point, where its owner resides. According to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Transport of Animals on Foot) Rules of 2001, no animal can be made to walk more than 5 km during its transportation. Also, for long distance journeys, the animal must be accompanied by a vet,'' said Subramanian, adding that both these conditions were violated in this case.

However, he feels that the police must be more sensitive towards such cases so that such incidents are not repeated. "The police official on duty was booking the horse handler under the Bombay Police Act, and not the stricter Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. PAWS will meet the police commissioner D Sivanandan to sensitise the police to the cases of animal cruelty,'' he added.


The Times of India