Unknown 2 pitbulls found shot in the head, discarded in trash bin

Hampton, VA

Hampton City County

January 5, 2009

Police are looking for information about a possible dogfighting operation after two dead pitbulls discarded in Hampton were found to have bullet holes in their heads and severe bite wounds on their bodies.

The bodies of two full-grown female pitbulls were found wrapped in a carpet and dumped in a trash can behind an auto body business on West Pembroke Avenue in Hampton.

Police spokeswoman Allison Good said the necropsies on the dogs showed that they died of gunshots to the head. She said both animals had "multiple injuries to their front legs, shoulders, neck and head that were consistent with animal bites."

Good said animal control officers are investigating the dogs' deaths and looking into the possibility that they were used in a dogfighting operation.

Update 1/14/09:  There are signs of a possible dogfighting operation in Hampton.  Police say necropsies of two female pitbulls found in a dumpster last week, clearly show they were used for dogfighting.

The dogs had severe animal bites all over their bodies, deep puncture wounds on their legs, shoulders, necks and faces. The dogs had also been shot in the head.

"It makes you angry. It really does, " said Dale Blankenship. He found the dogs, wrapped in blood-soaked carpets, in the dumpster behind the Maaco's auto body shop on Pembroke Avenue where he works.

"Yeah, they were in bad shape. Bunch of scratches, bunch of gouges, puncture wounds, looked to be malnourished. You could see rib cages and they were basically just covered in blood for the most part," said Blankenship.

All indications are that someone tossed the dogs in the dumpster very shortly after they were forced to fight and then shot in the head.

"There was probably a good half inch of blood in the bottom of the dumpster. It was just saturated. You've got to believe you are not going to ride around to far with a couple of dead dogs in the back of your car that are bleeding all over," said Blankenship.

Now police are trying to track down the owner of the two pitbulls.

Cpl. Allison Good of the Hampton Police Department told WAVY.com, "They obviously couldn't take them to the vet, because they'd be exposed for what they're doing. So they took it upon themselves to shoot these dogs and end their lives and it's very disturbing."

Police are also worried that whoever forced the two unfortunate pitbulls to fight, is right now forcing other dogs into bloody matches.

Finding the owner of the two pitbulls will be difficult though, the dogs obviously didn't have tags, or collars or microchips.

So police are really hoping that anyone who knows something about this case will make an anonymous call to the Crimeline at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

Crime Line callers remain anonymous and never appear in court. If a Crime Line call results in an arrest, the caller is eligible for a reward up to $1,000.00.



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