Who, age What Where When Last Known Address
Harry Zieseniss shot, killed neighbors dog

Crown Point, IN

Lake County

November 4, 2009  
Type of Crime Other Crimes #/Type of animal(s) involved Case Status Next Court Date /Courthouse
    1 4 1/2 year-old Lab, Irish setter mix

Not charged


Neighbor Luann Taylor contacted the Lake County Sheriff's Police after a 4-1/2 year-old mixed breed Labrador retriever and Irish setter was shot and killed by another neighbor.

Just after 3pm Officers Buehrle and Dvorscak were dispatched to Luann Taylor's home at 13221 Iowa St.  Taylor told the officers that her neighbor had shot and killed a dog belonging to Diane Justice.

The officers saw a black dog with what appeared to be multiple wound to the body.

A witness told police, that he was there and saw Harry Zieseniss shoot the dog.  The witness stated that the dog named Lucy was chasing a chicken around a bush.  Zieseniss asked if the dog was his and he told him no, Zieseniss then got his shotgun and shot the dog.  The dog managed to get back to Taylor's yard, where she died.

The officers spoke with Zieseniss, who confirmed that he did shoot the dog.  he also told the officers that the dog had shown no signs of aggression toward him or the witness.  Zieseniss also told the officers that he had never witnessed the dog showing aggression towards his animals or people.

Zieseniss told officers that on separate occasions, he found his chickens dead on his property, but could not determine what killed the chickens.

When asked if he had ever contacted either animal control or the Sheriff's office about the dog being on his property, Zieseniss said no.  In addition, he told the officers that he had seen the red collar, indicating that this was a pet, and that he had never attempted to find out who owned the dog.

  (Photo of Lucy courtesy of Diane Justice)

Justice said in tears that Lucy was strictly a family pet, "She was my baby.  She slept with me and everything".  Justice had purchased Lucy in a pet store for $500.  Justice added that she refers to the dog as "her little girl" and that the dog looked as if she was always smiling.

Both Taylor and Justice, were waiting for Detective Michelle Weaver to learn about possible criminal charges being filed.  Lake County Sheriff's spokesman Mike Higgins said no charges will be filed.  There is a county ordnance that dogs must be on the owner's property or be leashed.


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