Harlan Baldwin

Cruelty to cattle

Sheffield, OH

April, 2001

A herd of cattle owned by Harlan Baldwin were living in cruel conditions where a 3-foot mound of manure obstructed their access to food.  Approximately 23-40 cows were found dead.

The State Veterinarian and the Department of Agriculture reported that many of the cows drowned in their own feces.  The state veterinarian also stated the stress of struggling through the manure exhausted the animals and their bodies were scalded from manure burns.  Another veterinarian stated, "They appeared to get stuck -- sucked in -- into the deep wet manure.  After a brief exhausting struggle, the dehydrated animals collapsed and died, suffocating in the manure."

Baldwin an ex-Ashtabula Farm Bureau president has been charged with 49 counts of cruelty to animals for allegedly allowing his dairy cattle to experience slow and agonizing deaths.


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