Henry Ackerman

Neglect of his dogs

Vineland, NJ

March 3, 2003

2 dogs were removed from Ackerman’s home because of a failure to comply order to get veterinary care for his dogs.  Ackerman accompanied the investigators to his dog pens stating the dogs were well nourished and he could see nothing wrong with them and therefore didn’t get the veterinary care ordered.

At the initial visit to see the dogs Ackerman was asked about the wounds on the Doberman, he stated the dog was “doing it to himself” and that he didn’t feel the need to seek veterinary care for the dog. Ackerman was then given a compliance order requiring him to seek veterinary care for both his dogs.  He was also given written warning for failing to provide veterinary care for the dogs.  Ackerman was given until 3/15/03 to get the ordered veterinary care for the dogs.

The dogs were taken to the SPCA and given an examination, fecal exam and weighed.

Titan, a mastiff, tested positive for hookworms and intestinal parasite but the veterinarians did not believe that was the cause of the dogs weight problems.  Titan weighed in at 67 pounds on 3/14/03.  The other dog, Zeus tested negative for all intestinal parasites and weighed 57 pounds.  The dogs were found to be emaciated and could not have been in this condition had they been fed.

The dogs were re-weighed on 4/29/03 after receiving a few weeks of special care by the SPCA staff, where Titan weighed in at 109.4 pounds and Zeus at 80.7 pounds.

On May 19, 2003, the SPCA was given custody of the two dogs.  Municipal Judge John Kasper found Ackerman guilty and sentenced him to 100 hours of community service with the SPCA.  He was also fined $500 and will have to pay a $30 court fee and must also pay restitution to the SPCA for the medical expenses. 


The Atlantic City Press

Municipal Court Summons PCA-03-001894 and 1895